Below you will find some information in pdf brochure format regarding St Michaels Lodge 1630 Coventry for you to read, or print should you wish.

You may have an interest in joining and wish to discuss St Michael’s Lodge with your spouse, colleagues or friends, or know someone who is interested. This brochure may be a good place to start.

If you like what you read on the website and in the brochure and you wish to join St Michael’s Lodge 1630 then please contact us as we’d like to meet with you. Contact us here.

St Michael’s Lodge Information

An information leaflet regarding St Michael’s Lodge number 1630 can be found by clicking on the download pdf logo below.


Thinking of Becoming a Freemason?

Clicking on the image below will take you to the new website of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire and their Frequently Asked Questions page. Here you will find the answers to many questions you may have regarding Freemasonry and how to get involved.




The next step…….

Once you’ve had a good read and checked out the answers to your questions why don’t you get in touch with us. The next step would be an informal meeting somewhere relaxed so as to allow you to get to know a few of St Michael’s existing members and to allow them to get to know you a little.

Get in touch here.