Principal Lodge Officers

Worshipful Master (WM)

Mr Matthew Robert Perkins

This year the Master’s Chair for St Michael’s Lodge is occupied by Mr Matthew Perkins.

Worshipful Brother Matt is a Coventry specialist dental surgeon providing periodontal and dental implant treatments to referring dentists in and around Coventry and Warwickshire.

Matt is a very active Mason holding positions of Director of Ceremonies and Immediate Past Master in other Craft Lodges as well as active Provincial Grand Rank as Provincial Grand Pursuivant in the Province of Buckinghamshire. He is also a member of Holy Royal Arch and Knights Templar including an active role as a member of the Provincial Prior’s Bodyguard. Matt is also involved with the Masonic Charitable Foundation and the Warwickshire Festival 2023 Committee.

Matt’s interests outside of Masonry include time with family and friends, martial arts, endurance training (Iron Man competition), travel, dental education (lecturing in specialist areas of periodontology and dental implantology) and walking his Italian Spinone dog Vinnie.

You can read his greeting on out home page by clicking here.

Senior Warden (SW)

W Bro Dr Moss Gold

Junior Warden (JW)

Bro Nic Mander

Assistant Lodge Officers

Senior Deacon (SD)

Bro Ian Anderson

Junior Deacon (JD)

W Bro Ray Sadler

Inner Guard (IG)

W Bro Dr Rob Jones


W Bro Dr Simon Chalker

Other Lodge Officers

Immediate Past Master (IPM)

W Bro Dr Manoj Pai


W Bro Wade Dimitri


W Bro David Mander


W Bro Guy Mander

Director of Ceremonies (DC), Lodge Mentor & Webmaster

W Bro Dr Stewart Lenton

Assistant DC (ADC)

W Bro Calvin Woodings


W Bro Paul Newsome

Charity Steward

W Bro Peter Kander


W Bro David Sarginson

Assistant Secretary

Bro Keith Lenton


Bro Graham Thomas & Bro Connor Bryant

Subscribing Members

Name, Rank and Year Installed as Worshipful Master

W Bro Paul M S Newsome PProvJGW 1974

W Bro John S Glover PGStB 1977

W Bro David R Sarginson PProvSGW 1978

W Bro Dr Moss R Gold PProvJGW 1990

W Bro Robert G Tudor PProvJGW 1994

W Bro David C Mander PProvGSwdB PProvGSuptWks (Shropshire) 1992

W Bro Peter L Kander PProvJGW 1993

W Bro Prof David E Smith PProvGSuptWks 1996

W Bro Dr Richard J Ballantine PProvAGReg LGR 1997

W Bro Peter I Biggs PProvGSwdB 1999

W Bro Ronnie A Wyld PM 2000

W Bro Peter I Mander PProvSGD 2001

W Bro Graham A V Murray PProvSGD 2002

W Bro Ivan Moule PProvSGD 2003

W Bro Calvin R Woodings PProvSGD 2007

W Bro Robert D Jones PProvSGD 2004

W Bro Chris J French PProvAGDC 2008

W Bro Wade R Dimitri PProvSGD LGR 2009

W Bro Simon A W Chalker PProvSGD 2011

W Bro Prof James W Pritchard PM 2012

W Bro Dr Peter M Whidborne PProvJGD 2013

Bro Prof Alan J Sinclair MM

W Bro Guy E B Mander PM 2015

Bro Jatinder S Heer MM

W Bro Dr Stewart K Lenton ProvAGDC 2017

W Bro Dr Senarath Bogahalanda PM 2016

W Bro Dr Manoj Pai PM 2108

W Bro Nicholas J Ferguson LGR 2014

Bro Nicholas D Mander MM

W Bro Dr Matthew R Perkins ProvGPursv (Bucks) 2019

W Bro Raymond T Sadler PProvAGDC

Bro Ian M Anderson MM

Bro Amrik S Bhabra MBE MM

Bro Keith S Lenton FC

Bro Graham Thomas EA

Bro Connor Bryant EA

Bro Adam Steadman EA

Bro Simon Megeney EA

Honorary Members

Name, Rank and Year Installed as Worshipful Master

W Bro Keith S H Jones PProvGSuptWks 2006