St Michael’s Holy Royal Arch Chapter No 1630

This page is dedicated to St Michael’s Chapter and will provide you with information about The Holy Royal Arch in general, and St Michael’s Chapter, it’s members, activity and contacts.

On our links page there is a pdf document about Royal Arch Masonry which has been produced by the Provincial Grand Chapter of Warwickshire. This should answer many of the questions you may have regarding the Holy Royal Arch, if it does not then there is also a link to the Provincial Chapter homepage where you will find further information. You can access our links page here.

St Michael’s Chapter Meetings (Convocations)

St Michael’s Chapter meets three times a year on a Tuesday evening at Coventry Masonic Hall, 165 Warwick Road, Coventry CV3 6AU.

Second Tuesday in February (Installation)

Second Tuesday in May

Second Tuesday in November

Our next Convocation is Tuesday 12 NOVEMBER 2019 @ Coventry Masonic Hall where we will be exalting a new Companion!

Current St Michael’s Officers 2019

Most Excellent Zerubbabel – Excellent Companion Dr Stewart K Lenton

Haggai – E

Joshua – Excellent Companion Guy Mander

IPZ –   Excellent companion Dr Simon Chalker PZ

Scribe Ezra – Excellent Companion Calvin Woodings PPrAGDC

Scribe Nehemiah – Companion Nigel Vines

Treasurer – Excellent Companion David Mander PGStB

Director of Ceremonies – Excellent Companion Wade Dimitri PPrAGSoj

Almoner – Companion Robert Pargetter

Charity Steward –   Excellent Companion Peter Kander PPrGSN

Principal Sojourner – Excellent Companion Peter Biggs PPrGReg

First Assistant Sojourner –  Excellent Companion Peter Shrimpton PPrGReg

Second Assistant Sojourner –   Companion John Payne

Assistant Director of Ceremonies –   Excellent Companion Peter Mander PPrGSwdB

Steward –   Companion Kevin Elliot

Steward – Companion Philip Mander

Steward – 

Janitor –   Excellent Companion Dr Simon Chalker PZ


If you would like to get in touch regarding St Michael’s Chapter, you can either email through website or contact our Scribe E directly – Excellent Companion Calvin Woodings